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Setting up PWS for UltraDev Live Data



Open PWS and select the Advanced tab.

Look in your directory tree for a site named: /Scaal. If it is not there, create it by selecting at the top of the tree, then click "Add."

In the resulting window, enter the path (not a URL) to where you keep the files for your site. This is where you keep your site files, or you may actually keep your files inside c:\inetpub\wwwroot (to save disk space).

Use the Browse button to locate the directory/folder on your computer. Once you've done this, enter "Scaal" as the alias, then click OK.

Take a look at your tree and confirm that "/Scaal" is listed in your directory tree. (Note: If you did not select <home> first, your new directory will be listed below some other URL directory.)

If you already had /Scaal listed in your directory tree, select Edit Properties and confirm the two entries are set up as described above. By doing these steps, PWS will now acknowedge a URL of http://localhost/Scaal. Now you need to tell UD how to use that address.


In UltraDev:

Select Edit > Preferences. In the preferences window, select "Preview in Browser" and check the option that says "Preview using Live Data Server." Then click OK to close the window.

Now we'll set up your site definition.

Select Site > Define Sites and select your site and "Edit." On the Local Info panel, enter "Scaal" as your site name and browse to locate the directory on your computer where you keep your site's files.

"Refresh Local File List Automatically" should be checked, Link Management HTTP field should just be "http://" and the checkbock below should be checked.

On the Server Info panel, set Server Access to "Local Network" and use the Browse button to locate the folder on your computer where you want to keep your remote files. This will be C:\inetput\wwwroot\Scaal if you decide that is where you want your remote files to be. Check the option to Refresh Remote Files Automatically.

On the App Server Info panel, set the Live Data Server to "Local Server" and enter http://localhost/Scaal as the Live Data URL Prefix. This tells UD's Live Data Server to look to PWS when previewing your site...and it will find it as the URL I had you put in. UD now knows where to find your site.


You can repeat this procedure for each site you want to build using Live Data, substituting "Scaal" with your site alias.

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