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Setting up Microsoft PWS 4.0 (Personal Web Server)

To take advantage of Dreamweaver UltraDev's advanced Live Data window feature, you need to be connected to a web server that supports either ASP, JSP or ColdFusion. One of the simplest solutions for the new or home user is Microsoft's Personal Web Server.

It sets up an area on your local disk that you can publish to, and when Dreamweaver UltraDev is configured correctly, allows you to utilise the Live Data view.

PWS is available from Microsoft's web site: PWS or is also on the windows 98 CD.

CD installation.

1. Insert the Windows 98 CD into your CD drive.
2. Double click on my computer and right click on your CD drive and select Explore.
3. Double click on the folder called 'add-ons'.
4. Double click on the folder called 'PWS'.
5. Double click on 'Setup.exe'.
6. Microsoft PWS will now install

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