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Creating a local DSN

This tutorial shows you how to set up a LOCAL Data Source Name, or DSN. Any DSN that is used on your 'live' web application on your webserver will normally be set up by your hosting company. They may charge a fee for doing this, so you may want to look at our 'DSN-less connection strings' tutorial.


1. To create a local Data Source Name, click on Start>Settings>Control Panel. (On Windows 2000 this will be Start>Settings>Control Panel>Administrative tools>Data Sources)


Windows Control Panel

Now open ODBC Data Sources (32bit).


2. You should see this box:

ODBC Data Source Administrator


Click on the 'System DSN' tab, you should now see the following:


System DSN

You will see any previously created DSN's in the window.


Click on the 'Add' button, and you will see this box:

Create a new Data Source

You now need to select the driver depending on which database you are using. We'll be using MS Access. So, click on the driver type and then click on the 'Finish' button.



You should now see the following:

ODBC MS Access Setup

You need to name your DSN (in our example replace DSN_Name with your data source name), make it something relevant to your database/web site. You will need to know the DSN later, when you set up your connection in UltraDev.


Then click the 'Select' button and you will see the following:

Select Database

Now you simple browse to your local database file and click on the 'OK' button. Now, when you open up Connections in UltraDev, you should see your new (local) DSN in the list.


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