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Defining a new site.

Before you start making your site pages, you need to get everything ready in UltraDev. This means defining the site - this basically lets UltraDev know where your files are, where they are going and what server technology you want to use so UltraDev can insert the correct code into the pages.


Defining a site

1. Choose Site > Define Sites. (Or press F5 to show Site window and then click on the drop down list and select Define Sites... as shown below.



A dialog box will appear listing your currently defined sites:



2. Click on the 'New...' button. You will see the following:

You need to pick a name for your site and tell UltraDev where your site files are kept by typing in the path or browsing to it by clicking on the little yellow folder icon.


3. In the Category list on the left, click App Server info:

Select the server model you are going to use, either None for static pages, or ASP, JSP or Cold Fusion. We have chosen ASP 2.0.

Select the default scripting language - we have chosen VBScript, although we could have chosen JavaScript (remember this is the language the ASP code will be coded in, and is processed on the web server, not the client side computer)

Select the default page extension, in our case the default is already set to .asp.

Select the Live Data Server. This can be local (if using Personal Web Server or IIS) or Remote (if you are using the same web server for development and publishing). This will allow the Live Data Window feature to work correctly.

Lastly for this category, in the Live Data URL Prefix box, type the URL prefix of your site. That is, the folder at the root of your published site. e.g. if using PWS it will be something like:


or if using the same server as the final site will be hosted on, simply enter the URL of the site e.g.



4. In the Category list on the left, click Site Map Layout.


Now enter or browse to your home page, either default.asp or index.htm.

And that's about it. The two categories we didn't look at were Check In/Out (for workgroup collaboration) and Design Notes (comments associated with particular files) neither of these options are needed for successfully deploying a web application.



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