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Hiran de Silva's UltraDev Cookbook
Hiran has some excellent tutorials for User login and protecting individual pages.

Wayne has an excellent link page to lots of UD tutorials.A fairly extensive resource!

Dru has some good tutorials in the 'pain' section.

Another of Wayne Lambright's sites, a very comprehensive developer resource.

Spencer Steele's often light hearted look at UltraDev. Includes extensions.

Owen Palmer's UltraDev site.

Jules (Julian) UltraDev site. Includes extensions.

Rick Curtis' Design Tips & Concepts
Considering an ecommerce or database reliant site? You need to check out Rick's tutorials.

Sune Pedersen's SPDesign
Sune started with Drumbeat, but is now creating extensions for UltraDev.

Macromedia UltraDev developer resource links. (We are included!)

Ultradev_RBF · Ultra-Dev - Rank Beginners Forum
This Forum has been set up for rank Beginners in Ultra-Dev, HTML, ASP, Cold Fusion etc who have questions but either don't know what forum to put their questions to or how to get help for their problems.


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